repairs & upgrades

Automation systems -

Take any pool system and give it Ease of use. They can automate valves and heaters for pool and spa combos or water features. Integrate phone or wireless unit controls and you can monitor and control your pool from a state away.

Variable Speed Pumps -

These pumps are the most common upgrade on any pool. They are 70% more efficient than single speed pumps and 50% quieter. They have the capability of running separate speeds for jets, solar, features or just cleaning boosts. They are so efficient, they will pay for themselves in 12-18 months and then continue to save you money. Rebates are available

Alternative Sanitation -

Such as Salt Generators and Ultra Violet systems can sanities swimming pools with out having to add a lot of harsh chemicals weekly. Though regular maintenance is still needed, these system continually work for you while the pool is running. Intellichem systems are another way of automating your sanitation system with ease